Scallops with Apple and Blood Sausage


1 pc union
2 cloves garlic
150 ml white wine
10 gram octopus ink
8 pcs scallops
200 gram blood sausage
50 gram flour
2 pcs apple


Cut the blood sausage in slices of 1 cm then cover them with flour. Bake them in butter in the COMBEKK Fry Pan until brown on both sides.

Take the core out of the apples, cut in slices and bake in the same butter. Remove from the Pan. Cook onions and garlic in the same butter. Add wine and ink to boil until the sauce is deep black. Clean the COMBEKK Fry Pan then bake the scallops on high heat for 2 minutes on both sides. Cover a whole plate with ink sauce. Impress with a dark black landscape using the blood sausage. Place apple and scallops on top, slice the scallops horizontally for an extra white tone.